About us

Since 1998, MMC has provided top-notch advisory work, corporate finance, market analysis, and promoted investment opportunities, covering the territories of the U.S., North America, Europe, and Asia.

MMC’s analysis and competitive intelligence deliverables serve as the basis for the implementation of significant investment projects, led by hedge and private equity funds, as well as strategic investors. MMC has assisted various clients in transaction structuring, support and corporate finance, as well as in the research of business conditions and opportunities for market penetration and capacity expansion in various markets.  We combine our financial, market and industry expertise and consulting experience, together with a focused implementation strategy to provide the most effective support to our clients.

2009: MMC team receives second-best award for its experience-based paper at the International Management Consulting Conference MCD in Vienna.

2003: The competitive intelligence division of MMC Research was launched.

2002: MMC became a member of the Bulgarian International Business Association (BIBA), currently Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIBG).

MMC became a member of BAMCO (the Bulgarian Association of Management Consulting Organizations).

MMC appointed its first Advisory council.

1999: Messrs. Valentin Dimitrov and Alexander Pazderski developed the research team, which was subsequently named MMC Research.

1997: MM Consult was founded by Messrs. Viktor Manev and Svetlin Mihnev.

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