MMC is the strategic and financial advisor of Allterco AD in its IPO and helps the company on its restructuring, growth and development strategies. Details about Allterco’s IPO prospectus are provided here.

Allterco AD, an Over-the-Top (OTT) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) company, strategically advised by MMC, gets regulatory nod for going public on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange. The IPO is planned for September 2016. (read press release)

Bulgaria is in search of its new equilibrium point, says Viktor Manev in a September 2014 interview taken by Tatyana Yavasheva from Economy magazine. (read more | in Bulgarian)

Estimating revenues from a new investment may turn to a be tricky issue, comments Viktor Manev in his May 2014 publication in Manager magazine. See a 5-step strategy in estimating your revenues (read the article here | in Bulgarian)

“Lending for M&A deal is still anemic,” comments Viktor Manev to Tatyana Puncheva – Vassileva in the Capital 2013 overview of the M&A market in Bulgaria. (read more | in Bulgarian)

MMC successfully completed a mandate for strategic advice for expansion financing of the listed Sofia Commerce – Pawn Shops AD (6SOA). Find the press release here.

“Do we read the positive signs for the recovery of the Bulgarian economy,” asks Viktor Manev in his January 2014 opening article of Manager magazine. You may find the full article here (in Bulgarian).

“Many assets are for sale, demand is weak. Today is great time for restructuring and placing your business on a new foundation for long-term and more sustainable future,” comments Viktor Manev in an article in the December 2013 issue of Manager magazine. You may find the full article here (in Bulgarian).

In a recent interview by Annie Tsoneva, a DealWatch Financial journalist, in the beginning of September 2013, Viktor Manev highlights current MMC regional projects. You may find details about MMC’s work in shipping and engineering sectors while searching DealWatch database.

In a recent interview with Mergermarket, published in the first days of January 2013, Viktor Manev shares his opinion for another slow year for the M&A market in Bulgaria. What will be a hot target in the economy you may read.

On 12.09.2011 MMC participated in a “Corporate Finance in Emerging Markets” conference, orgnized by the New Bulgarian University. MMC  presented its report, covering the “Issues in Infrastructure Financing in Emerging Markets”.

In 2009 MMC was awarded second best award for its experience-based paper at the International Management Consulting Conference MCD 2009 in Vienna. The work presents the “Management Consultant Interaction With Private Equity And The Impact On Growth Development Patterns In South Eastern Europe”.

“Now, like never before, one needs to preserve the value of the company, while focusing on sales and market share, clients, cash flow management and expenses… a business model that further develops the company…” (read more | in Bulgarian)

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