Competitive Intelligence

Our competitive intelligence unit helps our clients process non-systematic market information into a meaningful focused analysis.

We bring our clients amongst the first ones to be informed about market growth opportunities for new products and services as well as  related threats and help them take an informed managerial decision. We study comparable market positions within an industry sector, thus building an accurate picture for the perspective partners, the competitors, and the market.

Our experience in the field of competitive intelligence covers:

  • Company reports and monitoring
  • Company and sector analysis and forecasts of future trends
  • Benchmarking to peer companies or individual ones

Competitive Intelligence case studies: EUROMAP, Carlsberg

  • € 150 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding for US high-net worth investors
  • Buy-side advisory
  • € 4 mln
    Take-over mandated financial advisor
  • In-depth industry research and policy advice
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