Business Model

While working on numerous assignments for mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructurings and valuations, we ensure that our clients realize that the most important step towards growth is the clear definition of their business model. We successfully manage to support our clients in the process of developing and rebuilding their business model to lead them to higher growth levels.

Our broad industry expertise and knowledge spanned across countries provide top management and shareholders with value which enhances market opportunities, while building a long term sustainable model for business growth.

We follow an integrated approach and methodology in our business modeling services, including:

  • assessment of the company’s current position
  • support in risk identification and mitigation strategies
  • identification of opportunities and strategic benefits
  • business model definition and subsequent development
  • advice in accelerating quick change and commercial operation improvements
  • procurement strategies and efficiency optimization (low cost country sourcing; partnerships)
  • cost reduction and revenue stream enhancement and measurement

Business Model development case studies: CBA Asset Management, Piccadilly, Carlsberg

  • Business model advisor for a leading non-banking financial institution
  • Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding
  • Valuation opinion
  • Buy-side advisory for the acquisition of TEREM KRZ FA AD
  • € 2 mln
    Pre-IPO shareholder reorganization, IPO Valuation
  • Sell-side mandated financial advisor
  • € 2 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, debt funding of BBG & Co.
  • € 14,5 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding
  • Buy-side advisory
  • € 25 mln
    Financial advisor, acquisition financing
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