Capital Structuring and Financing

We apply modern financial analytical tools to assist companies to effectively plan, raise and manage the funds necessary to implement their operational plans, grow the business or change strategic direction. MMC is constantly building on its experience across businesses and industries to be able to identify investment and expansion opportunities, provide valuable insights and deliver supreme solutions to clients and partners.

MMC provides professional financial advice throughout the whole process of strategic planning, decision making, project implementation and control. We assess short-term and long-term capital requirements and assist in the implementation of optimal capital structure to enhance competitive advantage and financial performance. We help our clients gain access to financial markets and navigate them through the specifics of the negotiation process with potential equity and debt providers. We participate in all aspects of private equity transactions.

Our expertise in capital structuring and financing encompasses the following fields:

  • capital structure analysis and optimization
  • investor screening and fund raising assistance
  • private placement management
  • IPO advisory and preparation
  • financial restructuring
  • corporate restructuring and divestitures

Capital Structuring and Financing case studies: Second valuation opinion, CBA Asset Management, Typo Print, Piccadilly, BBG & Co

  • € 1.5 mln
    Strategic expansion financing advisor
  • Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding
  • Shareholder reorganization
  • Valuation opinion
  • € 80 mln
    Advisory for syndicating acquisition financing, EU private equity house
  • € 2 mln
    Pre-IPO shareholder reorganization, IPO Valuation
  • Sell-side mandated financial advisor
  • € 2 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, debt funding of BBG & Co.
  • € 14,5 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding
  • € 0,7 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, balance sheet restructuring of Don & Co
  • € 25 mln
    Financial advisor, acquisition financing
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