Financial Analysis, Forecasts and Valuations

The ability to effectively plan, evaluate and control current operations, expansion projects and new businesses is crucial in all industries in contemporary changing environment. We offer financial analysis, modeling and valuation services to meet such needs of companies’ management. We review financial statements and performance indicators and recommend corrective actions for enhanced efficiency. In close cooperation with our research unit we assist clients in undertaking new initiatives. We review the main assumptions, elaborate on the growth drivers and business model attributes, build the hypothesis and develop business plans with quantitative dimensions. Our deliverables are key instruments in assessing the feasibility of a project or a business and provide sound basis for subsequent monitoring and control.

Our expertise often serves the needs of various stakeholders, including potential investors, debt providers, partners, clients, the community. Various transactions such as mergers & acquisitions, greenfield investments and divestitures are inevitably accompanied by in-depth quantitative financial analysis and valuation.

Our business modeling, analysis and valuations services cover the following areas:

  • financial statements analysis
  • business performance measurement
  • financial projections and forecasts
  • capital budgeting
  • feasibility studies
  • securities and company valuation
  • second opinion

Financial Analysis, Forecasts and Valuation case studies: Second valuation opinion, CBA Asset Management, Typo Print, Piccadilly, BBG & Co

  • € 1.5 mln
    Strategic expansion financing advisor
  • Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding
  • € 2 mln
    Sell-side advisory to a leading stem cell bank in Bulgaria
  • Shareholder reorganization
  • Valuation opinion
  • Buy-side advisory for the acquisition of TEREM KRZ FA AD
  • € 150 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding for US high-net worth investors
  • € 2 mln
    Pre-IPO shareholder reorganization, IPO Valuation
  • Sell-side mandated financial advisor
  • Sell-side valuation opinion
  • Valuation opinion for Toplofikacia Plovdiv EAD
  • € 2 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, debt funding of BBG & Co.
  • € 14,5 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, equity and debt funding
  • € 0,7 mln
    Mandated financial advisor, balance sheet restructuring of Don & Co
  • € 25 mln
    Financial advisor, acquisition financing
  • € 4 mln
    Take-over mandated financial advisor
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